The Thornton Bridge

There are many picturesque Walking Tracks in Kurth Kiln Park, each has its own special story to tell and favourite spots to attract lovers of the bush.The new Thornton Bridge over the Tomahawk Creek

A new beauty spot is the "Thornton Bridge", a 15m crossing of the Tomahawk Creek at the end of the Thornton Walking Track. It was constructed in 2002 by the Friends of Kurth Kiln with support from Parks Victoria. A steel structure on concrete foundations with a wooden decking, it connects the new track with the existing Scout Camp Track for a 2km circuit.

Special attractions of the Thornton Walking Track are conglomerate rock formations (one shaped like an altar), a Lyrebird gully and a large Wombat colony.

High above the ferns, the tea trees, Banksia, Wattles, Dusty Miller, the Blackwood and the Peppermint, tower the majestic Mountain Ash, Grey and Manna Gums and Messmate.

Listen to the Eastern Whipbird, and hear the searching cry of the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo as they stately sail overhead.